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SMT/SMD Capabilities

  • 2 SMA lines, expertly operated
  • Selective Soldering -Through hole mounting
  • Solder paste Inspection <0,0015mm3
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • High resolution X-ray (Dage XD7500 0,95 micron  1200X Mag)
  • Lead Free Process
  • BGA, uBGA, CSP - 0.3mm pitch
  • Flip Chip, Package on Package
  • Passive – 01005 (0,4x0,2 mm)
  • Spacing 6 mil (0,152mm)
  • Advanced Hot Air Rework, wiring
  • Rebuild and Modifying of PBA
  • Underfill
  • Conformal coating and molding
  • Depenalization- Routing, Punch and V-cut
Box build
  • Flexible capacity, samples to volume manufacturing
  • Troubleshoot, analysis, repair
  • Advanced modifications
  • Build To Order processes
  • Unique experience in manufacturing transfer projects
  • Multiple assembly lines/cells including test, troubleshoot and repair
  • Lean & Kaizen Methodology
  • Cost reduction (process, material, output)
  • Reports and statistics
Engineering services (DFM)
  • Panel layout
    Design and optimization of production panels
  • Special investigations
    Typical Roth Cause Analyze
  • Process development
    Production process specification
  • New technology
    Follow and lead new technology implementation
  • Design of soldering surface
    Optimizing soldersurfaces and solderpaste for SMT components
  • Fabrication analysis PCB
    Proposal of design improvments
  • Assembly analysis PBA
    Proposal of design improvments