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What connectivity solution are you looking for?

Custom Design /
OEM Specific

Our custom design products are aimed for high volume customers, or customers with requirements that demands unique development.

Read more about the possibilities of our technology and see examples of our previous developments. 

Standard Products /
Off the Shelf

Our highly compatible off the shelf products uses cutting edge technology based on our extensive experience. The products are aimed for small-mid volume production. 

With our standard products you will get a market leading telematics plaform, with minimal investment and short time to market. 

End to End

We can help you go from unconnected machinery to fully connected products, should you e.g. want to offer fleet management our remote monitoring to you end-customers. 

With our e2e solution, we offering not only the telematics unit, but also connectivity subscription and back-end/front-end solution. 

Some of the functions made possible with 
ACTIA connectivity units


Connected Diagnostic and Remote Software Download

Perform service or workshop diagnostics and benefit software updates remotely.

eCall, On Call & SVT

In case of an accident, your car will automatically get the emergence services to you, based on e.g. accident severity and number of passengers. We also make other position based functions possible, like concierge services and Stolen Vehicle Tracking. 

Fleet management 

By connecting your fleet, unlimited possibilities in monitoring and optimization are possible. 
E.g. driver monitoring, route optimization, misuse notification and cost control. 

Positioning & Usage tracker

Get the exact position of your machines or vehicles, weather they are e.g. on the road, in a field or inside a warehouse. 
You could also monitor usage in terms of e.g. running time, work load or number of operations. 

Some of our customers