A system that benefits everyone

For a car owner our system deliver convenience and peace of mind. It offers valuable features like remote or timed heater that eliminates the freezing car experience. Or turn your vehicle into a WiFi hotspot for high speed internet access. We also offer stolen vehicle tracking where we send location data to the police and at the same time reduce vehicle speed to 30 km/h, so no more high speed pursuits with stolen cars. Another appreciated and well used feature is the journal log. Vehicle location data, mileage etc. is stored on your profile and that you later on can use for your mileage reporting. 

In Europe and Russia eCall will become legislative as from 2018. Of course eCall (emergency call) is a included in our platform and used by our customers. The purpose of the eCall legislation is to reduce the number of casualties caused by accidents in traffic with 4000 lives in Europe. The emergency call automatically activates in the event of an accident and sends the relevant crash data to the rescue organisation in order to bring help "within the golden hour". 

The future is already here. Our platform also offers remote diagnostic capabilities by supervising all nodes in the vehicle, event based or request based. In case a software update is required this will be handled remotely via our platform.